Early Rut or Not

In 2014 do you think there is going to be an early rut with the way the weather is?

2014 TV show - Opening show

The 2014 Q1 Buck Pole TV shjow hits the air this weekend on Sunday.  Check times and listings for your area.  You can also watch it online later next week when it is posted.  This week Sunday Sept 21st the show includes Big Bucks from last year, The explanation of the scoring method, The DNR talks about the RAP Room and poaching, and Tony LaPratt discusses getting ready for the bow season with some great tips.

Favorite Deer hunting memory

What is your favorite deer hunting memory?

Ground Blind or Treestand

Do you prefer a ground blind or tree stand?  How long have you been hunting?

Prize Party Tonight!!!

The big day is here. The Main-Prize Party takes place at Firekeepers Casino. Big bucks, ATV give away and plenty of other cool prizes. FYI - I will have my books available, TROPHY WHITE TALES and THE HUNTING SPIRIT. Both books were featured on Michigan Out-of-Doors TV just two weeks ago. Did you happen to see the episode? Stop by and say "Hi.' See you there!!!

Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge

Great Lakes Region Predator Challenge. January 17-19. $90 registration fee for teams up to three.

190 Class Typical

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed the first two months of our three month deer season here in Michigan. This past week, I interviewed Jeff Toy from Cass County, who killed a 190 class typical, 12-point. You will be able to read his complete story in the January issue of Woods-N-Water News.

Montana Mule Deer Hunt

I've just returned from Montana where my hunting partner and I shot big mule deer. We doubled up on our 5th day of hunting. I shot a big 3x3 at 9 in the morning while still hunting. My buck sports a 19" inside-spread and carries 14" tines. My partner, Jeff Stanton, connected on a big 5x5 that same evening. Both of us had connected on MI 10-pointers before leaving so we waited for an opportunity of shooting big racked bucks. The west provides a lot of great opportunities for the traveling sportsman who seeks high adventure!

Wild Michigan Elk Hunt

In the November issue of Woods-N-Water News, I wrote an article titled "Wild Michigan Elk Hunt." This article highlights the elk hunting adventure of Wild Michigan Outdoors radio host, Duran Martinez. Duran honestly shares the anxiety that he had participating in this "Hunt of a lifetime." He had many questions and became quite overwhelmed with the process. In the end, Martinez found success through the help of the DNR and the local residents of northern lower Michigan. To read the full story, get a copy of the current edition of Woods-N-Water News!

Archery Double!

October 20th, used to mark the opening day of pheasant hunting but now it will be remembered by my brother Jeff and I, as the day inwhich we got our first archery double. During the morning hunt, Jeff, shot a 190#, 7-point. I tagged a 10-point during the evening hunt that sports an insided spread of 18 inches. Both bucks were taken in Calhoun County in spots that were hammered last year by EHD. In fact, I walked a muddy trail to my stand and did not cut a single deer track.

Happy Hunting. It looks like things are starting to heat up!